RP Research Scientist Spotlight: Ora B. Gewurz-Singer, MD

Many people have never heard of RP. They’re often surprised when they learn how RP affects the cartilage and causes inflammation in the nose, ears, and airways. In fact, there are many doctors who haven’t had experience with this rare condition!

Dr. Ora Singer says:

“When I have patients who come to see me, who tell me they have relapsing polychondritis, their first question is: Have you ever heard of this before? When I tell them that I have patients with relapsing polychondritis, they are so excited to have a physician who has not only heard of the disease but also has experience treating the disease and managing their symptoms.”

Dr. Singer is a physician scientist at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.  As a rheumatology specialist with a practice that includes RP patients, she is an excellent advocate and we are grateful for her support.

Thank you, Dr. Singer.

Dr. Ora Singer and other experts generously share their insights in “The World of Relapsing Polychondritis” video below: