Relapsing Polychondritis Foundation and Race for RP Featured in AHN Autoimmunity Institute Annual Report

The AHN Autoimmunity Institute’s annual report showcases the outstanding accomplishments of Kyle Marcelli, professional race car driver and excellent ambassador for the autoimmune disease community, including RP patients and their families.  Kyle and his wonderful wife, Amy, graciously hosted important events during the Grand Prix of St. Petersburg.

Additionally, the AHN Autoimmunity Institute’s annual report highlights the success of the Symposium Exploring Autoimmune Diseases, which was hosted by the Northern Michigan University School of Nursing.  Drs. Susan Manzi and Joseph Ahearn, founders of the Autoimmunity Institute, were keynote speakers at the event.  They were excellent as they addressed a standing-room-only audience of more than 300 nurses, nursing students, healthcare professionals and patients who participated in the event.

And finally, we are especially excited about the annual report’s conclusion and its correlation to racing.  The statement reads:

“Our all-encompassing vision and theme for 2020 and beyond will be “Autoimmunity Racing.”  In essence, this translates into Go! Go! Go!  During our first full year of operation, our model of transformative care for autoimmune diseases has already garnered a national reputation among patients, physicians, colleagues, and disease foundations.  We now need to accelerate.  We need to accelerate recruitment of talent.  We need to accelerate bringing our research discoveries to the patient.  We need to accelerate our national and global reach.  We need to finish this race. We need to win this race.”

These words ring true and we are honored to support the important work being done at the AHN Autoimmunity Institute, which is advancing the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and cure of all autoimmune diseases through collaborative multi-specialty care, cutting-edge research, advocacy and education.

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