Dr. Jane H. Buckner, President of the World-Renowned Benaroya Research Institute at Virginia Mason (BRI), and Her Outstanding, Highly-Skilled Team Are Driving to Eliminate All Autoimmune and Immune System Disorders

On Friday August 24th, the Virginia Mason Foundation hosted “Grapes on the Green” at The Golf Club at Newcastle to benefit the Benaroya Research Institute.  The event was fantastic and successful – with nearly $500,000 raised to support medical research!

It was inspiring to listen to Dr. Buckner (pictured here with Nancy and the Ferrari 488 Spider) as she presented the major advances BRI scientists are making in their quest to find a cure for autoimmune diseases (such as type 1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease and others) and stressed the importance of donor support.

Tom Skillman provided an excellent overview of the causes of autoimmune disorders and discussed promising treatments that are now available to patients, thanks to technological advancements and successful research initiatives.  He also shared a heartwarming story, which resonated with our RP patients at the event, about a family member who had an autoimmune disorder and poignantly emphasized how autoimmune disorders impact the entire family.

Thank you to Ferrari of Seattle for providing the spectacular 488 Spider (that prominently displays BRI, Virginia Mason, Race for RP, and RPASF logos) and the incredible hot lap experience as a live auction item, which raised $5,000 for BRI’s outstanding medical research.

A special thank you to the generous auction winner of the Ferrari of Seattle hot lap experience.  She will certainly enjoy driving the beautiful Ferrari street car to The Ridge Motorsports Park. Then, she will have the ride of her life – and so will another extremely fortunate passenger of her choice!

RPASF is proud to have joined the amazing researchers, generous donors, outstanding organizers, thoughtful volunteers, wonderful hosts, and incredible wineries in support of the well-organized, fun-to-work-with Virginia Mason Foundation, and brilliant BRI.

To facilitate participation by Race for RP and RPASF, we appreciate the expertise and special contributions by Roberto Perrina and Crystal Crocker of Ferrari of Seattle, SkinzWraps Racing, Kay Branz of BRI, and Darren Kerbs and Mary Ann Lambert of the Virginia Mason Foundation. What a collaborative team!

Please continue to support the Virginia Mason Foundation and BRI.

Progress against one autoimmune disease is progress against them all!

The scientists at BRI are confident that we are on the path to discovering a cure!

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