5th Year Anniversary T-Shirt Fundraiser – Has ended! Thank you!

The Relapsing Polychondritis Awareness and Support Foundation is celebrating its 5th year anniversary! It has been an honor to continue raising awareness and it is working! More people, including children, are getting diagnosed earlier than ever before! In celebration, we have come out with a 5th year anniversary, limited edition T-shirt. Help us celebrate and order yours now!

Shirts cost $30 and come is sizes ranging from youth XS to adult XXXL.They come in the option of white, grey, blue, pink, yellow and green. Orders will be taken until May 22. To get your shirt and see all of the colors click here. Make sure you hit the button to rotate the model so you can see the back!

Relapsing polychondritis is a rare autoimmune disease characterized by recurrent widespread inflammation of cartilage throughout the body. Affected areas can include the eyes, ears, nose, airway and trachea.

As ear involvement is a common hallmark of RP, the slogan is “We’re hear for you.”

“We’re hear for you” has many different meanings:

  • The foundation’s primary goal is to spread awareness about RP so doctors can diagnose it quicker in patients. We are hear for you by spreading awareness and support.
  • Support from family and friends of people who have RP is paramount for those individuals. They are hear to support you.
  • People who have RP rely on others with the disease for support and guidance. They are hear for one another.

We are truly a tight-knit community and we want to show our pride and commitment to you. Every time you wear this T-shirt you are raising awareness. By purchasing it, you are helping us to raise more funds to support our mission.

All profits will go towards furthering the foundation’s goal of raising awareness of this disease.

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